SABS™ is a multi-patented, composite building system that utilizes Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as the core material for all structural members – walls, roof, floor – that is sprayed with a composite coating made up of a precise blend of sand, cement, glass fiber and other additives that, together, create a building shell that meets or exceeds all testing protocols and load requirements of the ICC-ES.


Intrinsically linked to the installation and application of the SABS™ building method is Strata’s patented analysis program that accurately predicts the performance capability of a building shell utilizing any architectural design under any set of climatic conditions.

Remarkably simple, SABS™ (Saebi Alternative Building System) has only two parts. An EPS core that can range in thickness from 4 to 16 inches, depending on design and insulation needs, and a ¼ inch thick coating of reinforced concrete. Together these make a composite building system that is suitable for all portions of a building.


SABS™ offers great benefits to everyone, including architects, builders, and home owners.

EPS makes up the largest component to the SABS™ building system, however EPS is 98.5% air, which makes it lightweight and a great insulator. EPS is also simple to shape and cut making custom features easy to incorporate.


SABS™ reinforced concrete coating is sprayed on to the EPS at ¼” thickness using standard equipment, and then finished with industry standard tools like trowels. Most 3rd party materials can be directly applied to SABS™.