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SABS™ presents a revolutionary composite building system, protected by multiple patents, which employs Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) as the fundamental material for all structural elements: walls, roof, and floor. These components are joined using adhesive alone, eliminating the need for additional materials like wood or steel. The EPS core is enveloped by a composite coating comprising a precise mixture of sand, cement, glass fiber, and other additives, forming a robust building enclosure. Notably, these structures not only demonstrate reliability but also surpass the testing standards and load requirements set by the ICC-ES.


Integral to the implementation of the SABS™ construction methodology is Strata's proprietary analysis program. Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineering, our software accurately forecasts the long-term performance of the building enclosure under various climatic conditions.


Astoundingly straightforward, SABS™ (Saebi Alternative Building System) comprises just two components: an EPS core, adjustable in thickness from 4 to 16 inches to accommodate design and insulation specifications, and a layer of Sabscrete applied to both the exterior and interior surfaces. This creates a three-layered composite building system adaptable to diverse architectural needs.


SABS™ delivers significant advantages to stakeholders across the board, including architects, contractors, and homeowners. While EPS constitutes the primary constituent of the SABS™ system, it is worth noting that EPS is predominantly composed of air, rendering it lightweight and highly insulating. Moreover, EPS is easily malleable and can be tailored to incorporate bespoke design elements effortlessly.

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Building a brighter future

The swift degradation of the world's forests and vegetation is deeply troubling, potentially turning our once picturesque planet into a desolate wasteland. The loss of habitats and the impacts of global warming present significant dangers, permanently reshaping the environment we will bequeath to future generations. In the development of SABS homes, we completely eschew the utilization of wood. At Strata, we have meticulously designed this system to offer individuals a secure, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable living space that harmonizes with the Earth's capacity.


Acknowledging the paramount importance of sustainability, particularly amidst climate change and rampant deforestation, we feel compelled to embrace innovative technologies and methodologies that can safeguard the long-term welfare of humanity. Through the SABS™ system, we not only eliminate wood from our construction practices but also substantially diminish the energy consumption associated with any building endeavor. Our objective is to furnish people with residences that are both environmentally conscious and economically feasible, contributing to a more eco-friendly and sustainable future for our planet.

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SABScrete phase
finishes phase

The SABS™ proprietary reinforced structural mix, known as SABSCRETE™, is administered onto the EPS of exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, mid floors, and roof surfaces. Once the SABSCRETE™ mix is thoroughly applied over the foam core, it undergoes finishing touches using industry-standard tools such as trowels, screeds, and sponges, among others. Most third-party materials can be directly applied to SABS™. Various finishes like finished facia, drywall mud, sheetrock, and others are compatible with SABS technology. Furthermore, SABS™ can accommodate solar panels as well.


Who We Are


There is a multitude of opportunities to engage with this innovative and dynamic technology. Over the past two decades, Strata International Group Inc has been involved in a wide array of projects, spanning from commercial facilities to custom residential ventures. Additionally, we offer comprehensive blueprint development services for your upcoming projects, encompassing Architectural Sets, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Structural Engineering. Strata collaborates with municipalities across the United States to assist clients in obtaining permits once the blueprints are prepared for submission. However, our commitment doesn't conclude there. Strata also supplies all necessary SABS proprietary components, including SABSCRETE, EPS foam, and comprehensive construction assembly documents to streamline framing processes. Moreover, we extend support for project management and construction if required.


Innovative concepts are born through collaboration, as we invest time in comprehending the requirements of our clients and the market we serve. Strata takes pride in delivering top-notch products and services that not only cater to the needs of our clients and communities but also contribute to creating a purposeful, groundbreaking solution that fosters a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world. While Strata offers in-house designers, engineers, and builders, we understand the importance of collaborating with teams you already trust. Hence, we collaborate with third-party design firms and have the capability to certify your preferred contractor to execute your next project.


In the current global market landscape, disruptions in the supply chain appear to be an ever-present concern. At Strata, we take pride in manufacturing all our materials domestically in the United States. By avoiding reliance on foreign manufacturing, we guarantee that your project won't face delays due to material shortages. Strata is committed to producing an outstanding, high-quality product right here in the United States, ensuring both the availability and quality of our materials. By shifting our manufacturing operations to the U.S., we align ourselves with the practices of esteemed companies like Coca-Cola, Boeing, and numerous others, who prioritize not only product excellence but also the creation of more job opportunities within our communities.

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