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SABS™ is a multi-patented, composite building system that utilizes Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) as the core material for all structural members; walls, roof, and floor. These pieces are assembled with adhesive, without any additional structure such as wood or steel.  The foam is covered with a composite coating made up of a precise blend of sand, cement, glass fiber and other additives that, together, create a building shell. Not only are the structures reliable, but they meet or exceeds all testing protocols and load requirements of the ICC-ES.


Intrinsically linked to the installation and application of the SABS™ building method, is Strata’s patented analysis program. Our FEA engineering accurately predicts the performance capability of a building shell over time, and under any set of climatic conditions.

Remarkably simple, SABS™ (Saebi Alternative Building System) has only two parts. An EPS core that can range in thickness from 4 to 16 inches, depending on design and insulation needs, and a coating of Sabscrete on the exterior and interior of all surfaces. Together these make a three-layered composite building system that is suitable for any building type.


SABS™ offers great benefits to everyone, including architects, builders, and homeowners.

EPS makes up the largest component to the SABS™ building system, however EPS is 98.5% air, which makes it lightweight and a great insulator. EPS is also simple to shape and cut, making custom features easy to incorporate.

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Building a brighter future

The world's forests and trees are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Soon our once beautiful plant could become a wasteland. Habitat destruction and global warming will change forever the planet we will leave our children. We use no wood in the construction of a SABS home. At Strata we developed this system to give people a safe, energy efficient, sustainable green home that the earth could afford.

At Strata, we understand the importance of sustainability. As climate change and deforestation threaten our planet, it is more important than ever to embrace new technologies and methods that will sustain humanity long into the future. The SABS™ system uses no wood in the construction of our homes, and significantly decreases the amount of energy footprint on any build site. We developed this system to give people a safe, energy efficient, sustainable green home that the Earth can afford.

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SABScrete phase
finishes phase

SABS™ proprietary reinforced structural mix (SABSCRETE™) is applied on to the EPS of the exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling, mid floors, and roof surface. Once the Sabscrete™ mix is fully applied over the foam core, it is then finished with industry standard tools like trowels, screeds, sponges etc. Most 3rd party materials can be directly applied to SABS™. Finished facia, drywall mud, sheetrock, and most other finishes will work with SABS technology as well. SABS™ can even accommodate for solar panels.


Who We Are


There is an endless amount of opportunity to be involved in this new and exciting technology. Over the last 20 years, Strata International Group Inc has been a part of projects ranging from commercial facilities, to custom residential. We also provide blueprint development for your next project, ranging from the Architectural Sets, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Structural Engineering. Strata works with all municipalities in the United States to help obtain permits on the behalf of our clients once blueprints are ready to be submitted. Our job doesn’t just end there. Strata also provides all SABS proprietary ingredients such as SABSCRETE, the EPS foam, and all construction assembly documents to make framing a breeze. We can even help with project management, and construction if needed.


Revolutionary ideas emerge from teamwork, taking the time to understand the needs of our clients, and the market we serve. Strata is proud to provide quality product and services that not only make a difference to our clients and communities, but to make a purposeful, innovative product that helps make the world a more eco-friendly and sustainable environment. Strata provides in-house designers, engineers, and builders, but we know it is important to work with crews that you are already familiar with. Strata works with 3rd party design firms, and can certify your preferred 3rd party contractor to build your next project.


In today’s global market, supply-chain disruptions seem to be around every corner. At Strata, we proudly manufacture all our materials in the United States. We don’t rely on foreign manufacturing, which ensures your project won’t be delayed because of material shortages. Strata focuses on creating a excellent, high quality product right here in the United States, ensuring supply and quality of our product. By bringing our manufacturing of our global supply to the U.S., we follow in the footsteps of companies like Coca Cola, Boeing, and many other great companies that are not only focused on quality product, but by bringing more jobs back to our communities.

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We offer a range of services to meet your needs. Below are some of the service that we provide in house that can make your next project a breeze.

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Our main focus is quality structures, while keeping the process green. One structure at a time. 



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